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What Are Stem Cells?


Lately there has been much discussion and talk about stem cells and stem cell research. It has been the topic of debate in Congress, many religious institutions as well as in many homes throughout the world. The debates continue today and more and more people are becoming familiar with stem cells. They are gaining an understanding for what stem cells can do for improving health and what stem cell research is doing to cure diseases we may suffer from.


With all this talk about stem cells, have you found that you are still not quite sure as to what stem cells are? Stem cell research has come a long way these past few years and it will continue to move forward. Educate yourself about stem cell health and learn how a cure for the illnesses you currently suffer from is knocking at your door.

Scientific Definition

To know about stem cell health you need to understand what a stem cell is.
The definition of a stem cell found in wikipedia is

Stem cells are primal cells found in all multi-cellular organisms that retain the ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division and can differentiate into a diverse range of specialized cell types.
In other words, stem cells are  “master” cells that have the ability to duplicate endlessly, and when they reach an organ they have the ability to become cells of that tissue.
Stem cell research has found that there are three types of stem cells.

Embryo Stem Cells  - found within a human embryo

Adult Stem Cells – found in many areas of a body such as the liver, brain, and mostly in your bone marrow

Cord Blood Stem Cells – found in the placenta and umbilical cord

So what is so important about stem cells? How can they help me and how do they work?
That’s a good question. Learn about how stem cells work and how they improve your health.